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by Joshua Hampton

About CookingClassesSanDiegoCA.comThank you for visiting CookingClassesSanDiegoCA.com!

As somebody with passion for cooking, but who in the same time are not a professionals, we will find the best hands on cooking training in San Diego area. You will get personalized attention to every detail.

Therefore, let’s connect via our contacts page and let up find you the best cooking class in San Diego!

We LOVE Cooking!
CookingClassesSanDiegoCA.com Team

Joshua Hampton

My name is Joshua Hampton and I love cooking. I believe that what you eat represents who you really are. Knowing how to cook properly will ensure that you have more enjoyment in your life, you have higher self-esteem and you have a better health. So, right now I am most obsessed about different cooking classes - it is so much fun, even my 5 years old kid loves it. Join now! - Joshua