Top 10 Cooking Games

Here are some really cool cooking games that approximate how our mom’s used to bake or cook! These cooking games online will amuse you and instruct you on all there is important to know about the kitchen. Unlike in cooking school or a restaurant, there is no need to schedule or wait for your turn because you can jump right in and start to play. Fun cooking games await you and you will learn all sorts of things like how to make the perfect burger, for example. You will know precisely what you need for condiments, meat, and vegetables in burger games, or how to make delicious diner food for the whole family with other meal games! All of these are free that you can enjoy anytime you want.

If you happen to be the type into sweets and cakes, get ready because there are lots of ice cream games to please your love for deserts. Or if you love baking, there also is a cake game that is guaranteed fun. Just about all cooking games for kids are here below.

As new recipes are being created in kitchens all over the globe, hopefully these fun cooking games will keep you abreast with what there is to know. Sumptuous free cooking games in every category and flavor are covered here. Given the savory cooking games online, it’s easy to adapt your own approach and style to every dish, and show off your own version of each recipe.

These well-liked cooking games are popular for a reason. They are simple but terrific. These super palatable games will fire-up your taste buds and make you wish you can start whipping up some melt-in-your-mouth dishes right away. Here’s hoping all you connoisseurs of all ages will have fun with these cooking games!

So grab your apron and pan and start blending, baking, and sautéing with these cooking games.

1. Papas Burgeria

Here’s your chance to be the master of burgermonies! Get orders, make original burgers and serve famished customers in Papa’s Burgeria! Polish your cashier skills, learn how to create the perfect burger with all the toppings which include meat patties, cheese, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard and so much more. Purchase upgrades and go to the top! Your creativity and cooking still will surely be tested.

With your mouse, click on and through the many menu options. Move from the order station to the grill station and to the build station!

2. Strawberry Ice Cream

Are you a strawberry and ice cream fanatic? If you are you will surely love this cooking tutorial and test. Stir, chop, and freeze your icy creations for funsies, then take the ‘Exam’ and see how your skills score.

To get started and have some fun with Strawberry Ice Cream game, utilize your mouse to click on and through the hovering kitchen and food items to chop up, get ready and produce delectable Strawberry Ice cream.

3. Fruit Smoothie

Scrumptious and healthy fruit and berry smoothies are enjoyable and effortless to make. If you have a preferred fruit or are just looking to create something sweet, bring out the blender and whip up these delectable smoothies.

Use your mouse to click on and through the suspended hands to come up with a mouth-watering, healthy desert pleasure.

4. Big City Diner

A girl named Suzie and her chef serves up fun times and tasty meals at this rapid paced, amusing, drive-in diner! Shakes, burgers, pizza, hot dogs and more goodies are on the menu and it is your task to keep the patrons satisfied. Purchase supplies and ingredients, improve your store and gather tips as you run a full-size, city restaurant. Happy cooking!

Follow the in-game tutorial and use your mouse to obtain, prepare and serve patron’s orders. Acquire upgrades between stages and clasp your stock in actual time.

5. Papa’s Pancakeria

If there is one thing that does not change in this wacky world, it’s Papa Louie’s daring spirit. This crazy entrepreneur is on another wild exploit and needs you to work in his pancake shop until he can get back. If you can turn his business into an art form, he could reward you with the accomplishment. Do your best!

Make use of your mouse to click on the customers to get their orders, then be guided by the instructions to complete each section.

6. Papas Freezeria

Penny is back and she is all set to try out the soft-serve service industry. Now she is working full time at an ice cream parlor in an island paradise. Get every customer’s order and blend the cookie dough and peanut butter smoothie they’ve never had. Finish it off with a topping of the perfect swirl of syrup and whipped cream and earn a generous tip.

Use the mouse to get every order and make each a super smoothie.

7. Sami’s Tea Restaurant

Bring all your customers the best coffee and tea and they will leave your shop super contended customers. Nobody wants anyone to depart Sami’s Tea restaurant with a foul temper!

Utilize your mouse to play this game meant for girls. Click on the booths, drinks, customers and the coins.

8. Papas Taco Mia

Have your very own taco stand and provide customers their special tacos. Be fast and with each new stage you will gain more customers and new stuff to sell. Earn some high tips and you will be on your way to improving your taco stand to a first class restaurant. Beware of particular closers though. Bungle their toppings, and they will never come back.

Play Papas Taco Mia is quite easy. Just cook the ground meat, and fill in the toppings for your specialized tacos. Keep in mind that good quality taco management is all about timing.

9. Fruit Juice Shop

Blend fruity smoothies for parched clientele in this quick restaurant service game. All sorts of bananas, berries, watermelons and apples are on the menu and will keep you super busy as you go back and forth from serving patrons and preparing orders.

To start, read the customer orders first, then click on the juice cups, smoothie machine and fruit chunks to come up with loads of fun.

10. Eggless Chocolate Cake

Become skilled at how to bake up a delectable chocolate cake with no eggs. It is a tasty and sweet treat for those that want a moist, dense and chocolatey flavor!

To play, just click on and through the suspended utensils and ingredients. Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this read about cooking games. This should give you a basic knowledge where to start.

So, just pick your favorite cooking game, have fun with it and hopefully, you will learn a thing or two that you can apply in a real kitchen.