The Top 7 Cooking Tips from Celebrity Chefs That All Home Cooks Must Know About

by Joshua Hampton

Cook Like a Celebrity ChefOne of the top reasons why not all people are enthusiastic home cooks is that some earnestly believe that  top cooking requires a lot of time, and takes a lot of effort to accomplish. While cooking does take a bit of your time and you also need to exert a certain level of effort to get a meal done, there are tips and cheats in cooking that you can use to make the task of preparing a meal and cleaning up afterwards so much easier. In fact, we have the top 7 cooking tips right here for you to consider:

1. Use a squeeze bottle for pancakes. We got this from LifeHacker. Really, pancakes are yummy but are so messy to make. So who wants to be hassled with more clean-up time? Not to mention the possible waste of pancake mix due to spillage. Next time, you can simply pour the mix into a used condiments bottle, and just squeeze it onto the pan. Neat, a lot less time-consuming, and very little gone to waste. This is one of the most underrated tips in home cooking.

2. Have a good set of knives.’s top recipes section quotes Gordon Ramsey, the terror chef of Hell’s Kitchen, on the importance of having a great knife set: “A good set of knives enables you to work quickly and efficiently. Keep them sharp – blunt knives are inclined to slip off food into waiting fingers.”

3. Salt the pot, not the pasta. When do you add the salt when cooking pasta? Do you salt it just before it gets cooked or do you sprinkle the salt in the water as it boils right before you dump the pasta in? According to TheKitchn: “The idea of salting is to add it in the water in the cooking pot just as it comes to boil. Pasta dissolves into the water and then it absorbs the salt along with the water as it cooks. You’re salting from the inside out. If instead you cook it in plain water and wait to salt until afterwards, the pasta will taste bland no matter how delicious your sauce is that you pour on top.” Evidently, your dish becomes more enticing this way.

4. Save the pepper for later. Or, as this tip from David Kinch shared with YumSugar says, “never add pepper at the beginning of a recipe”. According to Mr. Kinch, it makes the food taste acrid because pepper burns quickly.

5. “Undercook” your pasta. Or, to be more precise, “cook it one minute less than the package instructions and cook it the rest of the way in the pan with the sauce.” These top tips come from celebrated top chef Mario Batali, posted on the Food Network website.

6. Save the EVOO. You don’t have to use your extra-virgin olive oil for everything. For simple sautés and stir-fries, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio suggests regular olive oil. Given how expensive EVOO can get, this makes perfect sense.

7. It’s all about the prep. Paula Deen, the one and only Queen of Southern Cooking  has this to say, “Remember, y’all, it’s all about the prep. Take away the stress by doing the prep the night or day before. You’ll look like a star.” True enough!

Preparing food doesn’t have to be a pain. With a few tips and tricks like these top tips shared by celebrity chefs and food writers, you can cook quickly, easily and with much more confidence.

Joshua Hampton

My name is Joshua Hampton and I love cooking. I believe that what you eat represents who you really are. Knowing how to cook properly will ensure that you have more enjoyment in your life, you have higher self-esteem and you have a better health. So, right now I am most obsessed about different cooking classes - it is so much fun, even my 5 years old kid loves it. Join now! - Joshua

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