Here are some really cool cooking games that approximate how our mom’s used to bake or cook! These cooking games online will amuse you and instruct you on all there is important to know about the kitchen. Unlike in cooking school or a restaurant, there is no need to schedule or wait for your turn […]


Another year has come and gone, and so will this year’s share of food trends. 2013 food trends just as in other years is filled with both oddly unexpected current food trends, as well as some that were quite predictable. Remember Bacon? Food trucks? Cupcakes? These were all food trends common to 2012. Top food […]


4 Easy Christmas Food Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas time again, and the spirit of giving is once more upon us. This Christmas season, why not skip the usual shopping for gifts, and instead, cook or bake something easy to give away. There are many easy Christmas food gifts that you could give to friends and relatives. Easy homemade Christmas food gifts […]

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Top 5 Healthy Casserole Recipes for the Family

Casserole recipes are always a delight to either cook, or eat. They are sumptuous and hearty meals all by themselves. Some of the more familiar recipes you perhaps will know or have eaten are chicken broccoli casserole, hamburger casserole, or ground beef casserole. Let’s try to expand your medley of healthy casserole recipes by starting […]

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3 Hearty Meals that Soothes the Body and Soul

There is nothing quite like good hearty and healthy meals, most especially when there is a celebratory mood. Hearty and healthy meal recipes are always handy to have around the kitchen. They are healthy dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy even the meanest appetites, and they are always favorites that appeals to just about any […]

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What’s Your Favorite Christmas Drink this 2013?

With Christmas season fast approaching, get-togethers and merry making is going to be everywhere once again. Parties and reunions will jump at you from everywhere as folks eagerly embrace the warmth and joy that accompanies the season. And of course, every Christmas season, there are always drinks to help get the happy spirit going. Like […]

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Classic Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

As the year comes to an end, we once again anticipate with much excitement the celebrations that come with last quarter. Thanksgiving is certainly a much awaited feast, as friends and family gather together to break bread during this most American holiday tradition. The centerpiece of present-day Thanksgiving in America as well as Canada is […]

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Unique Halloween Baking Ideas for Kids

With Halloween just around the corner, find the ideal and easy Halloween baking ideas with recipes for Halloween side dishes, Halloween appetizers, Halloween dinner, Halloween desserts and even more Halloween treats. Your kids and friends alike will be hankering for more of these ominously delicious Halloween food ideas for party occasions. We’ve come up with […]

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Tips on How to Prepare Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly meal plans can be difficult if you don’t have a strategy. If you need weekly meal plan ideas, we will try to help out with some basic principles. Just by using a weekly meal plan template you can select healthy weekly meal plan recipes that you can prepare way before hand. These recipes are […]

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Energy Boosting High Protein Breakfast Ideas

It’s been said time and again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what exactly is a proper breakfast? The answer to that of course, is dependent upon your health goals. Most of the time, a high protein breakfast can be the ideal way to start your day. Disregard low-fat versus […]

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