10 Best Cocktails to Make for Your Parties

by Joshua Hampton

best cocktailsHoliday parties and other social gatherings can be uneventful and boring without the best alcoholic beverages. Whether it is a formal sit down dinner with business associates or  clubbing type of gathering, people, especially the girls, will look for cocktails.

One of the primary ingredients of a very successful party is serving only the best cocktails in town. Now, knowing what the best is will differ depending on the occasion or preferences of the guests. Then you will even have to consider providing suitable cocktails for those who are not fond of drinking alcohol.

While there are cocktails that you can do on your own, when it comes to big parties, you need to call in some help. Even if mobile bars are ready to cater to your beverage problems in large parties, you still need to put in effort to serve the best. You can’t simply just serve drinks just for the sake of serving.

Aside from choosing the best kinds of drinks to serve, you should also think about the occasion and how they are presented. It can be difficult, but it is worth all the effort just to pull off that party successfully.

More than just status symbols, cocktails are good ice breakers too. People enjoy drinking during a conversation may it be with a stranger, a long-time associate, or a friend. The best way of starting a discussion is throwing compliments about the drinks in a holiday party. It is also good to have a combination of strong potions and refreshing potions.

So if you are still completing your list of the drinks to serve on your next holiday, you may want to try some of these concoctions.

Classic Cocktails

It is always safe to have the classics in every holiday party. Usually these classics have minimal alcohol content and it is always a popular choice among social drinkers. You will never go wrong with these. On the top of your list should be margaritas, mojitos, and martinis. These are known to be the best out there.

1. Margaritas are made of tequila, Cointreau (or any orange liquor) and lime juice. It is best served as a slush. Margaritas are also fun to play around with by tweaking some ingredients. In fact, you can serve margaritas in several variations. The combinations are endless from pomegranate to chili and chocolate.

2. Martinis should always be present too. It is a combination of French Vermouth and gin. Some also use Vodka for this cocktail. It is best served with stuffed olives. Just stir all the ingredients to best enjoy the drink. This can be served with or without ice.

3. You can never go wrong with mojitos. This is consists of limes, mint leaves, sugar, lime cordial, and rum topped with soda or sparkling water. This is always best served on the rocks or with ice. It also has a lot of variations so it can be served in any occasion. During summer you can add lychee or apples or you can mix hard liquors like soju or brandy or rum with it.

Holiday Cocktails

For the more festive occasions in the year, you can add in more decadent mixes in the drinks that you will serve. A holiday event is always associated with a lot of eating so it is best to counter it with healthy cocktails. Moreover, perfect cocktails for holidays will also work as good stress relievers. Here are some of the cocktails you may want to try.

1. Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail. Put some twist to your celebratory holiday champagne! Just add frozen blood orange juice!

2. Apple Brandy Cordials. This is very easy to make All you need are brandy, apple juice, cointreau, fresh lemon juice and angostura bitters. You can even make your own apple brandy to use for this.

3. White Cosmopolitan. This is just a combination of vodka, white cranberry juice and cointreau. Cosmopolitans are best served without ice or straight. This is very popular especially among women.

Whiskey Cocktails

best cocktailsFor those who want stronger drinks, you can try out whiskey cocktails. These are alcoholic beverages usually made from the best fermented grains. Forget about associating whiskey to the older generations. With the growing business of whiskey from different grains with different alcohol volumes, there will be wide array of flavors even with just one recipe but different kinds or varieties or whiskey.

1. Whiskey Cream Royale. This very rich and indulgent mix is made of vanilla ice cream, coffee, milk, whiskey, rum and nutmeg.

2. Manhattan. All that you will be needing for this are rye whiskey, sweet Vermouth, Angostura bitters and cherries to garnish. This is best served straight. Rye whiskey is traditionally used for this cocktail but it is now loved in almost any kind of whiskey.

Summer Cocktails

For refreshing mixes, it is generally advised to go for fruity and bubbly drinks. Mint is the best ingredient that can instantly make your drink refreshing and cool. This is not just about beer or champagne. Even brandy and whiskey can be used for these enticing cocktails. It is also best to use seasonal fruits to make it extra special!

1. Strawberry Moonshine Juleps. This is a very thrilling twist for your usual Mint Julep. In this heady concoction are strawberries, sugar, mint leaves, whiskey and lemon.

2. Kerasi. Kerasi is the Greek word for cherry. This drink is a potent combination of the best peach vodka, cherry puree, peach liqueur, cherry brandy, lemon juice and any sparkling wine.

Next time you throw your holiday party, make it a point that you choose just the right concoctions. Cocktails are delicate and have to be made precisely. Know what to stir or what to shake and how much ice to put because it can make or break the mix. Make sure to try out these best cocktails for various occasions and see the difference!

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